Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 9

To see the illustration to which I refer, below, please check this link; originally posted by Gunjan Bolton (@gwelkar) on LinkedIn:


If leadership represents something like "going out ahead to show the way," then I would argue that even constructs like placing blame, using people, and commanding might have places in leading effectively. Specifically, if I follow a leader, I expect to receive what I need from that leader to reach the given destination. Even though I might not have felt as "secure" or as "well-liked," when leaders used them; sometimes, the behaviors in the left column have worked "best" to get me going (as a follower) or to motivate the best good from the teams on which I've served. I would also argue that what followers perceive, as leaders' intentions, will have greater affects on followers responses than will the use of specific behaviors from either column.